Kingswood Bowling CLub

Function Room


If you would like to book the Main Hall for a social or private function, please complete the online form below or write to the Honorary Secretary who will then confirm the availability of the date and submit your request to the Committee for approval.

The terms and conditions set out by the Management Committee are detailed below, please read these prior to submitting this form.

There are certain functions which cannot be held in the club, these include 18th Birthday Parties, 21st Birthday Party can ONLY be requested BY A MEMBER for an immediate family member and certain types of Fund Raising Events.

Also certain months of the year, namely, June July and August only Saturday nights are available as this is during the bowling season.

Please read the Terms and Conditions below prior to completing the online booking form below.

Online Booking form

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TERMS and conditions

  • The hours available are from 7.00pm with Last Orders at 11.45pm and the Club to be vacated by 12.30a.m, Music must finish at Midnight . For afternoon functions the Main Hall or Members Lounge will be available from 1.30p.m. to 6.00p.m. Music must finish at 6.00p.m.
  • All guests who are not members of the Club MUST be signed in – failure to do so may result in Non-Members being refused service at the bar. Or you can submit a Guest List with all invited guests listed.
  • Guests are limited to a maximum of One Hundred and Twenty (120) in the Main Hall and Forty (40) in the Members Lounge.
  • You and the Sponsor must be present the whole time your guests are in the Club.
  • No alcoholic drinks must be consumed by any person under the age of 18, and we may ask for proof of age before serving anyone.
  • No visitor can bring any type of drink into the club, and the all drinks must be purchased from the bar.
  • Members of Kingswood Bowling Club cannot be refused entry.
  • Your function will be held in the MAIN HALL, leaving the MEMBERS LOUNGE for the sole use of Kingswood Members. Or in the MEMBERS LOUNGE with the MAIN HALL being reserved for Kingswood Members.
  • Where possible the Club will permit early entry in order to decorate the hall, this is not automatic and must be requested.
  • When Bar Staff call LAST ORDERS for the day, then you MUST have your drinks off the table within fifteen minutes.
  • DUTY MAN asks for the hall to be cleared, then that is when you and all guest must leave.
  • Due to the Clubs proximity to local residential properties, the person holding the function is responsible for ensuring that guests leave the building quietly, causing minimal disruption to our neighbours.
  • The person or the sponsor who booked the function, is responsible for ensuring the club is left in a clean and tidy condition after the function. This includes the kitchen where used.
  • Where outside caterers are used, the person or the sponsor of the booking the function must ensure that copies of all necessary Food Hygiene Certificates and Public Liability Insurance Certificates are give to the Secretary prior to the event taking place.
  • By prior arrangement and subject to club fixtures and activities, you may gain early access to the clubhouse in order to set up the function
  • Decorations may be used in the Club, but the use of certain types of decoration, particularly table and hanging decorations, are not allowed, please see the bar staff for details of what is allowed.
  • Kingswood Bowling Club has a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY towards its staff and officials anyone breaching is will be asked to leave.
  • No visitors attending the function are permitted to take food out of the Clubhouse or drink from the Patio area.
  • No visitor is allowed on the greens or the surrounds.
  • No responsibility can be accepted by the club for the loss of/or any damage to property which may be brought onto the premises.